Are you a professional theatre?

We are a not-for-profit theatre group and strive for professional standards and excellence in all of our productions. Some of our members are professionally trained, and many have gone on to professional careers abroad.  Our aim is to provide a professional quality environment for people to explore their talents, no matter their experience level.

Are you the English Theatre in Frankfurt?

No we are not, but we do have a close partnership with them, and many of our members work there or have performed there.

Do I have to have theatrical experience?

No! We have a lot of expertise amongst our members and welcome everyone who is willing to learn the basics of amateur theatre.

Do you have costumes and props to loan?

Yes, a full list in PDF version can be viewed here.  Contact us for more information.

Do you offer training?

We do periodically offer workshops and training for our members or to those who are interested in joining.

How do I get tickets?

You can mail us at tickets@festfrankfurt.org; however, some of our venues have their own ticketing services, so check the “Upcoming Production” page first for information.

How do I join?

Click here to download the membership form, fill it out and send a scan to members@festfrankfurt.org. You can also send us some questions first that you may not find answered on this page, or come along to one of our play readings to check us out!

How often do you put on productions?

We stage at least two major productions per year and strive for more.  Because the productions require support of the volunteers, the more active our membership, the more productions we can stage.  Our goal is to bring six productions to stage each year.

Membership Application

How do I become a member?

Use the Contact link and we’ll send you the application!

Membership Eligibility

Who is eligible to join?

Anyone interested in theatre and willing to support and have fun!

Where & how often do you meet?

We have regular monthly play readings and sometimes offer workshops. The club’s annual general meeting is usually in January, and we have Christmas / New Year parties and a Summer BBQ. We also get together on a more informal basis for outings to the theatre or cinema – this is often arranged through our facebook group.