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Bad Homburg logo Bad Homburg is a small spa town with a population of around 50,000 some 20 kms north of Frankfurt on the edge of the Taunus hills and forests.


The history of the town goes back to about 13th C, and the town’s symbol – the White Tower that stands in the middle of Bad Homburg’s castle – dates back to the 14th C. Friedrich II (1680 - 1708) attained fame as the Prince of Homburg. In 1818 English King George IV’s sister Princess Elizabeth married Landgraf Friedrich VI and rescued the town from impoverishment with her dowry. Parks and hunting lodges were constructed and the castle expanded. A lasting living legacy are the two huge cedar trees in the castle garden. The spa industry started in the 1830’s and the Blanc brothers, who later moved on to Monte Carlo, built the casino in 1841. In 1888 Kaiser Wilhelm II declared Bad Homburg’s Schloss (castle) his summer residence, and in the following years much European royalty and nobility came here for cures, including the later Edward VII, the Russian Imperial family and the King of Thailand.

For more see: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bad_Homburg_vor_der_Höhe
The English section of the town’s own website has more information at http://www.badhomburg.de/sc/Tourism_Leisure/249298.asp

and HERE are some pictures we took. Click HERE for a virtual tour of Bad Homburg. On the map click on any of the dots for the relevant location. To see some wonderful photographs of the town and surroundings taken during the four seasons by Tobias Leif click HERE.


Bad Homburg is a small town and everything is within walking distance. This is a recreation area and we hope that you will enjoy a little holiday while you're here. We have provided links to two Google maps – one shows a personal and subjective list of places to eat and drink as well as the hotels where we have reserved rooms for FEATS visitors, while the other map shows links to further leisure ideas and the emergency services. You can of course use these Google maps to find anything else you’re looking for, or just ask at the Hospitality Desk at the Kurtheater.

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