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Dokumente (deutsch, .pdf-Dateien)   Festival Promotion
Pressemitteilung 4. Mai 2010:
"Zwölf auf einen Streich"
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Pressemitteilung-Nr. 126 7. April 2010 von der Pressestelle, Bad Homburg:
"FEATS 2010"
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Pressemitteilung Februar 2010:
"Reichlich Theater - auf Englisch"
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Pressemitteilung Dezember 2009:
"Theater in Englisch für Jedermann"
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Documents (englisch, .pdf-Dateien)   InPlayers -
Commedia dell'arte

- 250kB mono
Press Release February 2010:
"Lots of Theatre"
  InPlayers -
Commedia dell'arte

- 400kB farbe

Press Release November 2009:
"English Theatre Comes To Town"

  Entity Theatre -
- 145kB
Entity Theatre
    NEAT - 'Homelife'
- 365kB
NEAT, Homelife
    Tagora -
'Late Entry'

- 290kB
Tagora Late Entry


We are grateful to our sponsors without whose generous support FEATS 2010 would not take place. We encourage you to follow the links from our SPONSORSHIP page and to view their products and services.
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