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FEATS Rules, OK!

The constraints of accommodating twelve groups in four days of friendly competition mean that we need some rules. Among them:

  • Each piece must be a complete play or a self-contained extract from a longer one.
  • It must be no less than 20 and no more than 50 minutes. Ten minutes are allowed for setting the opening scene and five minutes for striking the set. These are not counted as part of the 20/50 limit.
  • Up to five backstage crew are allowed for setting and striking.
  • A maximum of two hours is allowed for all technical preparation and rehearsal.
  • There are no curtain calls, although applause is encouraged and much appreciated by the groups.
  • There will be an interval after each play while one group strikes and clears the stage and the next group prepares for its performance.
  • Following the third play each evening there will be a short break before the adjudicator presents his or her assessments of the evening's performances. The audience is asked to remain in their seats.
  • On the final night, after adjudication of the evening's plays, the various awards are presented.
Each group will of course receive a more detailed set of rules, and you can view the generic version at http://www.feats.eu/pages/about/feats-rules.php

FEATS is marked according to the National Drama Festivals Association (NDFA) recommended marking system as adopted by the Guild of Drama Adjudicators (GoDA) as follows:
40 points for Acting, 35 points for Production, 15 Points for Stage Presentation, 10 points for Originality, Endeavour and Achievement, giving a total of 100.

We are grateful to our sponsors without whose generous support FEATS 2010 would not take place. We encourage you to follow the links from our SPONSORSHIP page and to view their products and services.
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