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FEATS 2010 is over :-(    .....    but we all had a great time :-))

Here are the nominations and winners:

The Founders' Trophy for 1st place: NWTC of Luxembourg for Jolly by David Mamet.

The ECC Centenial Cup for 2nd place: ECC Brussels for The Red Death by Stephen Challens

The Taché Diamonds Award for 3rd place: GEDS Geneva for Shakers by John Godber

Andrew Carey-Yard, Ingemar Mikander, Brian Hartnett and Masoud Janbaz were all nominated but the Blackie award for Best Actor was won by Timothy Lone of NWTC for his role of Bob in Jolly.

Melanie Zander of ESOC, Darmstadt received the Best Actress Blackie award for her portrayal of Sophie in White Liars by Peter Shaffer. Also nominated were Annika Groeneveld, Rowan Cody, Isabel Vandersteene and Christine Probst.

Nominated for Best Stage Presentation were GEDS for Shakers, NWTC for Jolly and ECC for The Red Death, but the Grand Duchy Award went to De WAANzin for Sister Of.

The Marcel Huhn/Bruno Boeye Trophy for Stage Management went to the highly efficient ESOC team for their work on White Liars. The were only just ahead of the ITG of Brussels who came in second place.

There were four original scripts in the festival, and the DAW-Verulam Award for the best one went to Daniel Sossi of BATS in Antwerp for Oh, My God!

Our Adjudicator, Jan Palmer Sayer, awarded the Don Luscombe discretionary award to Tom De Beckker and Erik Tytgart of BATS for their highly amusing portrayals of the Priest and the Monk in Oh, My God!

FEATS 2011 will be hosted by the Geneva English Drama Society from 10-13 June. You will be able to find out more in due course at www.geds.ch/feats but for the moment please visit the main FEATS website at www.feats.eu.

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