Assistant Director needed for October Production

We are looking for an Assistant Director for our October Production. If you are interested in directing, have some experience in this area and would like to learn more, get in touch! Below are some details on what is involved:

 – profile:  70% creative oriented, 30% organizational and administratively oriented

 – collaborate with the director to refine and bring to life the artistic vision for the production

 support with:

  – creating and updating rehearsal schedules

  – maintaining and updating blocking notes throughout rehearsals

  – collaborating with costumes team for costumes selections

 – collaborating with props team for props selections

 – collaborating with set design and decorations teams

 – collaborating with sound and lights team on designs

 – learn and then lead pre-rehearsal and pre-performance warm-ups with actors

 – support director and coordinate with producer to ensure major milestones in production planning are realized