Audition Call “An Evening of Pinter”

FEST is holding auditions via Zoom for the role of Duff in our upcoming production of “An Evening of Pinter”. The other roles have been cast and rehearsals will begin soon.

Character of “Duff” in Landscape: Male, must pass for minimum of 45

The text requires that “Duff refers normally to Beth but does not appear to hear her voice” and “Beth never looks at Duff and does not appear to hear his voice. Both characters are relaxed, in no sense rigid.”

What plot there is exists only in the stories told by the characters. Beth reminisces to herself of a past romantic episode, whether with Duff or another man is not made clear. Duff talks of more practical matters, and finally has a short outburst of anger, evidently in frustration. Beth continues her romantic reverie as the play ends.

Text available if interested. The audition will consist of reading a section of the text provided.

Audition slots

Choose one of following Zoom audition slots:

Saturday 21 August 2021, at 3:00pm
Monday 23 August 2021, at 7:00pm

To audition, send a note to [email protected] and we will send you the Zoom link.

Performance dates: November 19-21 and 26-28, Kulturhaus Frankfurt