Auditions for “The Field Guide to Mating” for the Late Fall Production

For “The Field Guide to Mating” by Sam Graber we are casting the following characters:

Field Guide, Male, any age
A domineering but hilarious very “male” character. He is the living personification of the book, and sees dating as a conquest. He truly wants to help Paul with the dating “game”, but is over-focused on finding him someone to…mate with.

Kelsey, Female, age 20-30s
A passionate yoga instructor and a very strong person. She sees through falseness quickly. She also has a very soft side, and is also looking for a real connection.

Auditions by appointment. Please contact the director no later than August 14th 2020. Michael Wehrli: [email protected]

When contacting the director, please send the following information: name, age-range, general availability, resumé or a few sentences about your experience. Are you comfortable with an audition in person? Or only online? Or both?

Rehearsals are taking place in October/November 2020.

Synopsis “The Field Guide to Mating”

Paul is experiencing a dry spell! A likeable fellow, but hopelessly ill-equipped for the modern dating world. Enter the Field Guide! A book and personal “guide” to help him increase his chances of…mating. However, the “guide” seems to be stuck in the past, and his methods of pick-up lines and making an impression, doesn’t seem to work well with Paul – try as he might! When Paul meets Kelsey, sparks fly and despite the “guides” advice, Paul and Kelsey seem to really connect. “The Field Guide To Mating” is a riotous and fast-paced satire on today’s dating scene.