Cast Announced for Our Country’s Good!

FEST is proud to announce the cast of our Spring 2016 production, Our Country’s Good!

Congratulations to everyone!  Let’s get started!  And please volunteer to be part of the production team!

Eilis Cahill – convict Dabby Bryant and 2nd Lieutenant William Faddy

Sabrina Lotz – convict Liz Morden and Lieutenant Will Dawes

Dellamay Miller – convicts Meg Long and Black Caesar, and Captain David Collins

Varvara Pomoni – convict Duckling Smith and Lieutenant George Johnston

Jeanique Rahmlow – convict Mary Brenham and Reverend Johnson

Paula Mary Strassenmeyer – convict John Arscott and Governor Arthur Phillip

James E. Bailey – convict Robert Sideway and the Aboriginal Australian

Jeff Book – Midshipman Harry Brewer and Captain Jemmy Campbell

Thomas Lehmann – convict John Wisehammer and Captain Watkin Tench

David Mark – convict Ketch Freeman and Major Robbie Ross

Michael Ennis- 2nd Lieutenant Ralph Clark