Cast revealed for “An Inspector Calls”

The FEST early Spring Production of “An Inspector Calls” by J.B. Priestley has now been fully cast. Congratulations to all cast!

SYBIL – Sandra Regenbogen
SHEILA – Kathrin Gaertner
ERIC – Matthias Feldhaus Posada
GERALD – Apurba Roy
EDNA – Bianca Wirth
ARTHUR – Mike Riepl

An Inspector Calls by J B Priestley, is a play that revolves around the apparent suicide of a young woman called Eva Smith.

In the play, the unsuspecting Birling family are visited by the mysterious Inspector Goole. He arrives just as they are celebrating the engagement of Sheila Birling to Gerald Croft. The Inspector reveals that a girl called Eva Smith, has taken her own life by drinking disinfectant. The family are horrified but initially confused as to why the Inspector has called to see them. What follows is a tense and uncomfortable investigation by an all-knowing Inspector through which the family discover that they are all in fact caught up in this poor girl’s death.

The play will be directed by Daniel Toyne.

Performances are on 29, 30, 31 March and 5, 6, 7 April 2019 at Kulturhaus Frankfurt (katakombe).

Ticket sale to start soon.