FIN. FEATS in Bad Homburg

We are delighted that FEST will be hosting FEATS 2023. This prestigious festival will take place from 26 to 29 May 2023 at the Kurtheater Bad Homburg. Preparations are well underway and we are looking for many volunteers to help with various aspects of the festival. The organising team to date is as follows:

Chair: Amanda Ife
Fringe Coordinator: Sarnia Schüßler
Secretary: Michelle Henninger
Stage Manager: Jeff Book
Treasurer: Gulmira Jumayeva

As well as general volunteers, we are currently looking for:

Sponsorship Coordinator
Hospitality Coordinator
Party Coordinator

If you would like more information on these roles or would generally like to get involved, get in touch with us! It’s also a great opportunity to meet other FEST members and theatre lovers.

Sponsor FEATS!

There are various opportunities for sponsoring this prestigious theatre festival. Get in touch for more information!

The FEATS Coordinating Team will be at the AGM and will be able to give some more information on the festival and various opportunities to get involved.