November production has been cast!

Congratulations to the cast of our upcoming production, the Heiress



Here’s the list of cast members for our November production, The Heiress, by Ruth and Augustus Goetz, directed by our very own Sarnia Jane Schüßler:


Dr. Austin Sloper:  David Mark

Morris Townsend:  Harald Schoppe

Mrs. Lavinia Penniman:  Sandra Regenbogen

Catherine Sloper:  Rebecca Clyburn

Mrs. Elizabeth Almond:  Vera Mark

Marian Almond:  Jasmin De Main

Maria:  Margot Phelan

Mrs. Montgomery:  Melissa O’Connor

Arthur Townsend:  Patrick Janelle


The Cast will be starting rehearsals in July.  The Crew is mostly identified, but we do need help with set design and construction, so contact us right away!  ( [email protected])