One-Act Plays in Upcoming Late Fall Production

For our upcoming late Fall production we are happy to present two one-act plays: “The Madness of Lady Bright” by Lanford Wilson and “The Field Guide to Mating” by Sam Graber.

“The Madness of Lady Bright” by Lanford Wilson

Compelled to spend a peculiarly hot summer afternoon in his New York apartment, the aging drag queen Leslie phones acquaintances he usually meets up with. Yet no one can be reached. Joined by Boy and Girl, Leslie reminisces bitingly and flamboyantly about his past lovers while reliving some pivotal moments of his life as a gay man. Written before the gay rights movement took off in New York during the Stonewall Riots of 1969, the play raises awareness for the significance of being accepted.

The play has the following cast:
Leslie Bright – Jim Phetterplace, Jr.
Boy – James E. Bailey
Girl – Lou Burkart
The play will be directed by Christina Paraschiv.

“The Field Guide to Mating” by Sam Graber
Paul a likeable fellow, but hopelessly ill-equipped for the modern dating world, has gone without sex for 3 years! Enter the Field Guide! A book and personal “guide” to help him increase his chances of…mating. The “guide” is hopelessly stuck in the past and his methods of pick-up lines, making a false impression, and exaggerating qualities doesn’t seem to work well with Paul. Though he tries his best to follow the advice of the “guide”. So, what will happen when Paul meets Kelsey, a gorgeous, centered, and strong yoga instructor? Will the sparks fly? Find out with this riotous and fast-paced satire on today’s dating scene.

The cast features:
Field Guide – Renard Yearby
Paul – Tom Freischlager
Irene – Miriam Van Meter
Kelsey – Sophie Ziegler
Ensemble – Alexis Avalos, Sabrina Lotz
This play will be directed by FEST’s newest director, Michael Wehrli.

Performance dates:

Please note that due to the several lockdowns the production had to be postponed to late Spring 2021.
The current dates are 30 April, 1, 2, 8, and 9 May 2021.

The plays will be performed at Kulturhaus Frankfurt. Tickets can be purchased on the Kulturhaus Frankfurt website.