One-Acts of The LOFT with FEST Participation

The LOFT Frankfurt presents two original One-Act plays with FEST participation by Varvara Pomoni (TCC-416 & Clowns and Creators) and David Mark (TCC-416).

TCC – 416
Written by PJ Escobio, directed by Varvara Pomoni

In a future where Artificial Intelligence outnumbers mankind, a court martial is taking place. The defendant is an AI who has become sentient. When does something have the rights of a human? Where is the line drawn between human and program? This is the world premiere of TCC-416, a finalist for the Atlantic Council Art of War short play contest.

Clowns and Creators: LOFT ensemble (PJ Escobio, Michael Kinzer, Jacqueline Teegarden and Varvara Pomoni)

Four jesters, take you thru a landscape of imagination, exploration and the question so many people today have to ask themselves, Where? Where do I go? Where do I fit? Where can I live? Where do I belong? Where can I survive? The performers weave a tale of loss, laughter, gain, and liberation thru physical storytelling. This project holds a mirror up to the reality that millions are faced with every year and dares you to laugh.

When:  9 & 10 February,2018 at 8:00pm
Venue:  Kulturhaus Frankfurt (die katakombe)
Tickets/Info: The Loft Frankfurt or Kulturhaus Frankfurt