Festival of European Anglophone Theatrical Societies


Frankfurt English Speaking Theatre .e. V. (FEST) is looking forward to hosting FEATS 2023, which will take place in Bad Homburg, Germany from Friday 26 to Monday 29 May 2023 (Whitsun weekend). The selection of participants has been made, and the following theatre groups have confirmed their attendance. 

  • ACTS (Anglo Collaborative Theatre of Stuttgart) 
  • ATC (American Theatre Company), Brussels 
  • BSS (Brussels Shakespeare Society) 
  • BUSC (Bonn University Shakespeare Company) 
  • ENTITY (Entity Theatre), Munich 
  • ESOC Theatre Group, Darmstadt 
  • EYT (English Youth Theatre), Brussels 
  • LWTC (Lucerne World Theater Company) 
  • NEAT (New English American Theater), Stuttgart 
  • NWTC (New World Theatre Club), Luxembourg 
  • Theater de WAANzin, Ghent 

The FEATS 2023 Technical Data Package (TDP) for the participating groups on the main stage can be found here. Any questions should be addressed to Jeff Book on [email protected] FEATS 2023 Technical Data Package


With the first Fringe entries and enquiries coming in, here is a little more information about the Fringe venue to assist you further (and maybe even to help you decide to take part!). 

The multi-purpose hall we have in the local youth hostel is 13 x 9 m in size with flexible seating and an area that can be cordoned off by a row of pin boards to form a dressing room area (this will depend on contributions, running order, etc.). There is no raised stage area only basic room lighting. 

A basic beamer, wall-mounted screen and a PA system are available, and you will need to bring your own laptop/device to connect to them. There is a good WIFI connection, too. Please note that the hall set up means that any visuals on the screen may be hard to see in daylight (see photos). 

We would encourage you to use minimal props/costumes in general. We can store smaller props on a day-to-day basis, but please note that venue staff/youth hostel guests may have access to the hall after Fringe hours. The hall space has seating for an audience of between 60-120 people, depending on contributions, running order etc. 

Please note that as the Fringe will be taking place at the Youth Hostel, selling or consuming alcohol is not allowed. Soft drinks and snacks are available to purchase at reception, and there is a water dispenser. We kindly ask you to put any drinks/snacks in a bag if you wish to bring anything with you – just be subtle about it please.  

To give you even more of an idea of what the area looks like, please find below two snapshots. The room was being set up when I visited, but you can see the wall-mounted screen and the entrance in one of the pictures.  

If you have any questions about the Fringe in the meantime, please don’t hesitate to drop me, Sarnia – your FEATS 2023 Fringe Coordinator – a line: [email protected]