Preliminary Information on FEATS 2022

In May 2022, the New World Theatre Club of Luxembourg (NWTC) will be hosting FEATS. The festival will take place from 26 –29 May 2022 at Mierscher Kulturhaus in Mersch, Luxembourg.

The festival will not only return to holding live performances but offer a set of renewals.

For the first time, FEATS will be offering an open acting area on the same level as the auditorium, includinga substantial thrust area with some seating at the sides, allowing a closer communication between actors and audience.

Another change is that the adjudicator will be replaced by anevaluator. This means that, although the evaluator will still offer an expert informed appraisal of each performance and sum up at the end of the weekend, there will be no marking sheet and thus no grading of performance.

Also FEATS22 will have a theme: Changing Times. However the theme should be seen asa guideline, not imposed.

Detailed information on FEATS 2022 and the changes can be found on FEATS22 Changing Times.