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Download the programme for Folly in all its Forms here!

Folly in all its Forms – An Evening of One-act Plays

FEST was delighted to put on an evening of one-act plays “Folly in all its Forms” at the Kulturhaus Frankfurt in May. The first play, “Madness of Lady Bright”, was one of the earliest plays of the gay theatre movement. As this production had been on hold for two years, we were very pleased to finally be able to put it on. We would like to thank the director, Christina Paraschiv, for her patience, resilience and hard work which has gone into this production.

The second play, “The Scheme”, was written by FEST member, Mike Riepl, and had its FEST debut in 2015. It was also performed at FEATS at the end of May. As its name suggests, it is full of drama and intrigue, and we are very fortunate to have such a talented playwright in FEST. We would to thank Mike, and also Laurie Gaertner for directing the play with Mike.

We finished the evening with two short comedies, “I DIDN’T KNOW YOU COULD COOK” and “CAN THIS MARRIAGE BE SAVED?”. When Rose Connolly initially contacted FEST regarding auditions, she did not expect to be directing two short plays two months later! We are delighted to have Rose on board and would like to thank her for her tireless efforts and enthusiasm.

With this production, we were very pleased to welcome some new FEST members on stage and backstage. We would like to thank all of the cast for their dedication, as well as the production team and crew for their invaluable support behind the scenes.

Cast of Characters

The Madness of Lady Bright by Lanford Wilson, directed by Christina Paraschiv

Leslie/Lady Bright – Jim Phetterplace Jr.

Girl – Lou Burkart, Carina Stubenrauch

Boy – Robin Böhme

The Scheme by Mike Riepl, directed by Mike Riepl and Laurie Gaertner

Man A – Mike Riepl

Man B – Jeff Book

Delivery Woman – Michelle Hellinger

I DIDN’T KNOW YOU COULD COOK by Rich Orloff, directed by Rose Connolly

Mark – Wade Gonsoulin

Jerome – Anshu Bhattacharya

CAN THIS MARRIAGE BE SAVED by Rich Orloff, directed by Rose Connolly

The Judge – Laurie Gaertner

God – Hazem Elessawy

Human – Francesca Pagnelli

The Bailiff – Evelyn Elizabeth Huamani

Production Team and Crew

Producer: Amanda Ife

Stage Manager: Isabelle Krier

Stage Hands: Becca Cornwall, Gulmira Jumayeva

Lights and Sound: Anne Flaherty, Andreas Wilk, Christina Paraschiv

Props: Alice Thomas, Gulmira Jumayeva, Julie Regenbogen, Christina Paraschiv

Make up: Sarah Asseburg, Julie Regenbogen

Costumes: Julie Regenbogen

Poster Design: Ed McCloskey

Programme: Amanda Ife

Publicity: Rose Connolly, Laurie Gaertner, Amanda Ife

Front of House: Marco Benvenuti, Naomi Chakwin, Amanda Ife