STRANGELAND Improv – Open Jam

With your improvisation hosts, Strangeland’s Evan, Abby and René, we will welcome improvisation teams to sign up for an open team jam night. First STRANGELAND will present its unique long form improvisation show, and later teams will be asked to do 15-minute improvisation sets of their choosing. Please arrive early to sign your team up!

STRANGELAND – Live-unscripted English theatre

STRANGELAND is a character-based long-form improv show among friends who met each other as strangers living in strange lands. They use a pinch of their homeland America and a dash of their German adopted land to make a whole new kind of recipe. Drawing on their strengths as traditionally trained theatre actors and improvisers they create ‘strangely’ drawn characters and explore the worlds in which they inhabit. Highly physical, sometimes fantastical, and always from the heart, their exploratory form of play finds the funny and the serious to deliver an exciting, fun and wholly original performance. With a single suggestion from the audience, we will develop 3 distinct characters and take a tour into each of their lives, where we may meet co-workers, family members or perhaps just observe a conversation with the garbage guy.

When: Saturday, December 7th, 2019, 8:00 pm
Where: Kulturhaus Frankfurt, Pfingstweidstraße 2, 60316 Frankfurt
Tickets: €5 – available at the door or on Yapsody