Support needed for October Production!

We are looking for support for our production of AND THEN THERE WERE NONE in October for set design, set construction, costumes, tech lead and PR. If you are interested, just get in touch with [email protected]. Here are some more details on what we need:

The Set Design Team consists of a set design / construction lead and a set dresser.  The set design and construction lead will help create the box set design and layout – number of flats, windows, doors, etc. They will also supervise the physical assembly of the modules and then the final assembly when we move into the theatre.  The Set Dresser will help create the set decoration – wall paper and wall color schemes, curtains, carpet, wall decorations, room decorations, etc.

The Tech lead will help design the lighting plan and also help find the music and sound cues we’ll need for the show, as well as helping with the design.

The Costumes lead will identify and procure costumes for that era, including measuring actors and actresses up for size and altering costumes.

PR will coordinate advertising and publicity for the production.