Thank you, Jeff Book and Mike Riepl

After eleven years in service as chairman and four years as vice-chairman of FEST, Jeff and Mike have decided to hand over the baton to a new chair. FEST would like to take this moment to express their gratitude, appreciation and respect for their achievements throughout this time.

As actor and director Jeff has put talent and dedication in creating characters and empowering a cast while his leadership skills have set the benchmark for stage management.

Mike has delighted his audiences not only in the limelight but also as director and playwright whose plays have been premiered on FEST’s stage and awarded at FEATS.

We acknowledge and value their efforts to navigate FEST through highs and lows while inspiring cast and crew to do their best. The productions FEST have offered to their audiences speak for themselves.

In this period of transition both of them are intensively helping the new committee until they are able to manage the running of the society by themselves.

We look forward to Mike and Jeff’s ongoing support and contributions as engaged FEST members in the times ahead.