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FEST Fall Production – An Evening of One-Act Plays

Horton Foote’s, Spring Dance, directed by Nathan Records

Annie Gayle Long – Sandra Regenbogen
Cecil Henry – Mike Riepl
Greene Hamilton – Silviu-Ionuţ Cristea
Dave Dushon – Bernd Röder

Anton Chekhov’s, The Boor, directed by Christina Paraschiv

Luka – Mike Riepl
Mrs. Popov – Bobbie Lording-Pfanner
Smirnov – David Mark

Performance Dates

November 3-5 & 10-12, 2017, Kulturhaus Frankfurt (die katakombe)

Congratulations to the cast of both plays!

Plot descriptions

Brief plot descriptions can be found here.


Watch this space for updates and ticket information!