FEST Fall Production – An Evening of One Act Plays

Audition Call

Horton Foote’s, Spring Dance, directed by Nathan Records

Anton Chekhov’s, The Boor, directed by Christina Paraschiv

Performance Dates

November 3-5 & 10-12, 2017, Kulturhaus Frankfurt (die katakombe)

Audition Dates

20 June, 7pm-10pm, Saalbau Gallus

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24 June, 2pm-5pm, Saalbau Fechenheim

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Sunday, 25 June, 2pm-5pm, Saalbau Bockenheim

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Tuesday, 27 June, 7pm-10pm, Saalbau Gallus

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Brief plot descriptions can be found here

Auditions are open to the public, no prior experience required, pre-registration required.
(if you cannot make it to one of these dates, contact us for options)


Just closed!

The Festival of European Anglophone Theatrical Societies (FEATS)

on June 2-5, 2017

at the English Theatre Frankfurt

FEATS is a competitive One Act Play festival amongst amateur English-language theatre groups based in continental Europe and takes place in a different city in late spring each year.  FEST is proud to have hosted the festival in 2017!

For more details visit us at www.feats2017.com

Pictures and summary of the festival will be available on this page in the coming days!

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Intro to acting workshop for teens (13-17 years), Saturday 1st July

led by Conor Doyle

A fun filled workshop aimed for teenagers to introduce them into the world of acting. Participants will learn basics of acting as a way to show what an actor does to prepare for their role and how to present it to an audience. This workshop can also help improve language skills and confidence in those taking part.
More information