Jeff Book – Chairman

I’ve been a member of FEST since 2007, having joined in an attempt to re-live my college theatre experiences (where being penny-less and starving prevented pursuing that BA degree in Theatre).  Over the last few years, I have acted in several one-act and full length plays, have been the stage manager for several productions, have organized our FEATS Competition participations and have stage managed or directed for FEATS entries.  My credits as a director include among others, “A Time for Farewells”, “The Worker”, “Dial M for Murder” and “And Then There Were None”.  I am honored and consider it a great privilege to be serving as FEST Chairman since 2010.

Mike Riepl – Vice Chairman

I came to theatre somewhat by accident.  When I arrived in Germany more than 25 years ago, it was simply a good way of getting to know other English speaking people.  To my surprise however, not only did I find that I took to it quickly, but I had huge fun acting.  Not long after that I had my first roles on stage, among others:  Peter in “Zoo Story” and even a lead role, Tom in “The Glass Menagerie”.  Since those early days I have performed with a variety of other English Theatre groups in the Rhein-Main area, including FEST.  I have been on stage in over 20 productions and have also taken to writing for theatre.  My involvement with FEST over the past 5 or 6 years has included many highlights, but seeing my own plays performed and even winning a prize at FEATS in 2012 for the best original script has been absolutely thrilling!  Becoming Vice-Chair of the group may appear mundane in comparison, but it is a way in which I can pay back the immense trust invested in me in the past, by influencing and shaping the future of the group.