Vision & Mission


United by a passion for theatre, our vision is to become the largest and most widely supported English-language theatre group in Germany, recognized for providing our members and communities with an inspiring environment for developing and enjoying the art of theatre in all its forms.


Our mission is to provide an inspiring, structured environment in which people of all experience levels can participate in theatre and explore and develop their personal talents. We will continually pursue the highest level of quality in all that we offer to our communities.


In pursuit of our vision, we have defined several strategic goals we want to achieve by 2022:

  • Grow our membership by 100%, to 180 or more
  • Increase by 100% the amount of audience-attended events, from 3 per year to 6 per year
  • Develop the FEST Academy, a structured environment for teaching and developing theatre skills, and complete 20 or more training events
  • Develop the FEST Mentoring Program, a structured environment for helping people develop new skills through working side-by-side with experienced members, and graduate 20 students
  • Develop long-term sponsorship agreements with 5 or more partners

We encourage and proactively seek feedback from our membership.