Social Events


Whenever possible, we like to offer our members opportunities to organise, or participate in social events.

Each year we have a summer BBQ, a Christmas or New Years party and multiple get-togethers to share good times and whet our appetites for the next production! This year from April onwards we will schedule a social once a month with a mix of visits to the theatre, wine bars, wine and street fests and Biergarten. Socials are now open to non-members so feel free to bring a friend, neighbour or colleague along.

This page will also list events not organised by FEST but which may be of interest to anyone with a love for the theatre.


Fest Social in May

Our next social will take place on Sunday, 15th May. We will meet at Kulturhaus Frankfurt at 17:30 to watch FEST’s Evening of One Act Plays “Folly in all its Forms”. Afterwards we will go for drinks nearby. You can order your tickets on the Kulturhaus website. We look forward to seeing you there!

FEST Social in April

Our first social this year took place on Friday 8th April with a theatre visit to see Antony and Cleopatra performed by Shakespeare Frankfurt at the Internationales Theater Frankfurt. It was a very entertaining evening with some great performances. It was nice to have the opportunity to speak to the performers after the show, and to meet some old and new FEST members over a glass of wine.