Social Events

Whenever possible, we like to meet up with our members and other theatre-lovers at our monthly social events – our socials are great opportunities to get to know new, old or potential FEST members and have a fun time! These may involve going to see plays together, meeting up for summer barbecues, christmas markets or parties, or simply getting together for drinks.

This year, we will continue to schedule a social once a month. Socials are also open to non-members so feel free to bring a friend, family member, neighbour or colleague along.


This is also the month where the Committee would like to take bit of a break from Socials, which had quite a turnout in July! It was fun to meet many new people for drinks in Summer beer garden in Frankfurt.

STAY TUNED! to get an update on upcoming Socials in September month

if you are interested in joining us for Socials, do let us know at [email protected].