2006-7 – Peter Pan

Peter Pan (A British Christmas Pantomime) by Vera Mark

Frankfurt English Speaking Theatre - Poster "Peter Pan"










Everyone knows the story of Wendy and her brothers John and Michael who get whisked away to Never-Neverland by Peter Pan, the boy who never wants to grow up. But only FEST managed to present a re-mix that includes a not-so-evil Captain Hook, whose life ambition it is to abjure all piracy and market his microbiotic muesli, and his very evil mother Mrs. Hook! FEST’s Wendy prefers a hot glue gun to needle and thread, John is a computer nerd and Michael wants to meet Whacko Jacko. Not to forget Tank, the replacement fairy for Tinkerbell who is busy shooting Pirates of the Carribbean no. 17 with Johnny Depp…

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