Call to Auditions for Gas Light

FEST is holding auditions for our November production of “Gas Light”, by Patrick Hamilton, directed by Jeff Book.

Performance Dates:
November 22-24, 2024
November 29 – December 1, 2024

Play Description:
Gas Light
is a 1938 thriller play, set in 1880s London, written by the British novelist and playwright Patrick Hamilton. Hamilton’s play is a dark tale of a marriage based on deceit and trickery, and a husband committed to driving his wife insane in order to steal from her.


“Playing age” refers to the age you should be able to appear as in the role, regardless of your actual age.  For example, the role of Bella could be played by a woman who is actually 40+, but looks as if she is mid-30’s.

Jack Manningham (playing age 40-50): A handsome, well-dressed man, Jack’s complete authority over and manipulation of his wife drives her down the road to insanity. There is mystery below the surface and feigned bitterness towards having to put up with his wife’s “condition.”

Bella Manningham (playing age 25-35): Younger than her husband, Bella is in her mid-thirties. They have been married seven years and in that time she has denigrated into a pallid, frightened, and exhausted woman. Every night her husband goes out, leaving her alone in their large house, where sights and sounds fill her mind with fear and impending insanity.

Elizabeth (playing age 45-55): Elizabeth is a kind and dutiful servant in the Manningham home.

Nancy (playing age 18-25): Attractive, impudent, and conniving, Nancy is a serving girl in the Manningham home.

Inspector Rough (playing age 45-60): A friendly and impelling man, Inspector Rough comes to the aid of Mrs. Manningham by revealing secrets and mysteries of years past. He, too, has an air of secrecy about him, as he puts the pieces together of the Manningham puzzle.

Two Policemen: no text, short appearance at end of play

About the auditions

Dates and times:
July 18th (Thurs), 7-9pm
July 21st (Sunday) 3-6pm
July 23rd (Tues), 7-9pm
July 27th (Sat), 2-5pm

Location: Kulturhaus Frankfurt (Pfingstweidstr. 2, 60316 Frankfurt)


  • Previous stage experience is required for the roles of Jack and Bella. 
  • No prior experience necessary for the remaining roles. 
  • You must pre-register for the auditions.
    To register for the auditions, please send an email to:  [email protected].  Please specify the roles for which you are auditioning and your preferred dates, in priority. Call backs will be at the discretion of the director, and a date/time will be found among those published above.
  • Please arrive at the start time listed for the day. Several candidates will likely audition together. The audition process will begin when all those who have registered for the day have arrived
  • If you are unable to make any of the audition dates above but would still like to try out, please contact [email protected].
  • Once you have registered for the audition, you will be provided short excerpts (sides) of the play via email in order to prepare.  You are not required to memorize the text in the sides, but do be familiar with it.  You will have time to do additional preparation and ask questions prior to entering the audition. 
  • Please don’t hesitate to contact the Director, Jeff Book, with any questions about the process!