FIN. Auditions for “The Perfect Woman” Spring Production 2018

The Perfect Woman

written and directed by Mike Riepl

For our FEST Spring production 2018 we are holding auditions for “The Perfect Woman” by Mike Riepl (FEST member). If you would like to join us, please come to one of the auditions dates mentioned below. For further information, synopsis and audition dates of the second play to be performed at the Spring production, go to: “The Two-Character Play” by Tennessee Williams.

Characters in “The Perfect Woman”

The roles to be cast for “The Perfect Woman” are:

David Smith: a would-be author, 25-35. Determined, ambitious, but not without insecurities. British.

Graham: his best friend, 25-35. Cheerful, empathetic, theoretically British, but not a ‘must’, other options definitely considered.

Mrs Margory (‘Marge’) Smith: David’s mother, 45-55. Worn down by mundane life, but with much character and soul and hidden beauty. British.

Samantha: Perfect Woman, 25-35. Clever, spirited, lively and yes, attractive (‘perfect’ doesn’t exist!). Doesn’t have to be British.

Policemen A and B: Same actors as David and Graham


Please sign up in advance to one of the audition dates and specify the time. Should you not be able to come to any of the dates, but would like to audition anyway, please contact us and the director can attempt to schedule an alternate date or time.

Date: Tuesday, January 16, 19:30-22:00
Venue: Saalbau Bornheim, Arnsburger Straße 24, 60385 Frankfurt

Date: Thursday, January 18, 19:00-21:30
Venue: Saalbau Dornbusch, Eschersheimer Landstraße 248, 60320 Frankfurt

Date: Saturday, January 20, 12:00-16:00
Venue: die katakombe, Pfingstweidestraße 2, 60316 Frankfurt

Contact: [email protected]

Synopsis of the play:

David is not having much luck with women. Despite having a very precise idea of what his perfect woman ought to be like, he just doesn’t seem to be meeting her. His friend Graham sympathises, but cannot believe the crazy lengths to which David is prepared to go in order to meet her.

Marge meanwhile is stuck in a rut. For years her life has been nothing but routine, hard work and outright boredom. A surprise visit challenges not only her vision of herself, but also her role in life and that of her fellow women.

David’s absurd plans, come to fruition. Not only does he meet his perfect woman, but she reciprocates his feelings! But is she really all she seems? Does Marge find the energy to move out of her rut? What does Graham want in life? The answers to these questions and more are revealed in the astonishing developments of the final furious scene.

“The Perfect Woman” will be performed during our Spring production, 6th-8th and 13th-15th April 2018. In addition, “The Perfect Woman” will be the FEST entry for FEATS 2018 in Antwerp, with a performance on one of the evenings between 18th-21st May. Everyone cast in this play must be able to perform in Frankfurt AND be available to travel to Antwerp to perform during FEATS!