FIN. AGM and Nominations for the 2023 FEST Committee

As you may already know, the Annual General Meeting (AGM) for FEST will be held on February 11th, at 13:00 at James The Bar (basement English Theatre).
We are currently still seeking candidates who are interested in becoming a part of the 2023 FEST Committee. All FEST members are eligible to participate in the AGM proceedings, nominate candidates for the Committee, and vote for them. They can also propose new ideas and vote on them.

Would you be interested in joining the 2023 FEST Committee or nominating candidates for the Committee? If you are looking forward to being more involved in different theatre productions, managing a small club like FEST, and exploring new theatre-related activities, then you should consider joining our 2023 FEST Committee!

As a reminder, there are 5 committee positions available, with a minimum of one (chair) required:
  • Chair
  • Vice Chair
  • Secretary – Alice Thomas nominated
  • Treasurer – Gulmira Jumayeva nominated
  • Ordinary Member
Gulmira and Alice have expressed their interest in continuing in their current positions (Treasurer and Secretary, respectively). It would be great to see more candidates willing and able to take on some extra responsibilities, lead the club, and shape its future direction.

There are already some ideas for productions in 2023 and we have the FEATS theatre festival coming up this year. We are looking forward to a fun and busy year for FEST, with many opportunities to plan, organize, and generally get involved!

If you are interested in taking an active leadership role in the club, please reach out to the Committee at [email protected], or individual Committee members to find out more about what this entails.

Also, if you are not yet a member, but are interested in helping to lead FEST, now is the time to join, so that you can attend the AGM and be a candidate for the Committee. After the AGM, anyone who is not a FEST member but who is interested in getting to know FEST and its members and activities is welcome to join and have a few drinks with us!

In order to register as a candidate for one of the Committee roles and stand for election at the member’s Annual General Meeting, you will need to be nominated by two FEST members. Please contact the Committee for the details about this process.

Nominations should ideally be received by Friday, February 3rd, as we need to publish all nominations received one week before the AGM. During the AGM, nominations from the floor will also be possible.

We look forward to hearing from you all, and to seeing many of you at the AGM in February!