FIN. Audition Call! Evening of One Acts!

We will be holding auditions on 28 January and 2 February for our production of “An Evening of One Acts“.

Performance Dates:

26, 27, 28 April & 3, 4, 5 May in Kulturhaus, Frankfurt. Auditions will be for the following One Act plays:

Old Saybrook by Woody Allen (directed by Jeff Book), a farce involving 3 female and 4 male roles. This is also the play that we will take to this year’s Festival of European Anglophone Theatrical Societies (FEATS). FEATS will take place in Antwerp on 17-20 May. Anyone cast in this play must be willing and able to travel to Antwerp for a single performance sometime between 17 and 20 May (performance date will be announced by FEATS organizers in mid-April).

Trifles by Susan Glaspell (directed by Mike Riepl), a drama involving 3 male and 2 female roles

Auditions will be held on 28 January (starting from 10:00) and 2 February (starting from 18:00) at Kulturhaus Frankfurt, Pfingstweidstrasse 2, 60316 Frankfurt.

***General in-person auditions for “Old Saybrook” are only possible on 28th January. If for some reason you cannot attend on 28th, simply note in your application you would like to arrange another option and the director will contact you.

***General in-person auditions for “Trifles” are only possible on 2 February. If for some reason you cannot attend on 2nd February, simply note in your application you would like to arrange another option and the director will contact you.

To register for auditions, send an email to [email protected]. Please specify the roles and play for which you would like to audition. You are free to audition for multiple roles and plays. If you would like to audition but are unable to attend one of the two audition sessions, let us know and the directors will contact you for alternate options!

Play Descriptions

“Old Saybrook” is a short farcical play from Woody Allen’s collection of plays in “Writer’s Block”, which premiered at The Atlantic Theatre Company in New York City in March 2003.  Each play is an absurdist take on marital infidelity.  In “Old Saybrook”, an orthodontist, Norman, and his wife Sheila, are hosting Jenny, Sheila’s sister, and her husband David, a plastic surgeon at their grand suburban house in Connecticut.  When a couple who once owned the house stops by, they spark an old-fashioned sex farce that is full of verve and cunning.  A secret diary is found, or purposefully introduced (?) which reveals a myriad of previously undisclosed sexual relationships and entanglements between the couples.  Just as all begins to unravel, Max shows up to bring a dangerous twist.

Roles– Looking for actors who are interested in performing comedy / farce and have a good sense for comedic timing.  Any experience level will be considered.  Playing ages between mid-20’s to mid-40’s, but married couples should have similar playing ages with each other.

Norman, an Orthodonist

Sheila, Norman’s wife

Jenny, Sheila’s sister

David, a plastic surgeon and Jenny’s husband

Hal Maxwell – an accountant, and formerly lived in the house and sold it to Mr. Krolian

Sandy Maxwell – Hal’s wife, also lived in the house

Max Krolian, a writer who appears and brings the twist


Trifles” – Ostensively, the play covers the aftermath of the murder-by-strangulation of a farmer and the subsequent arrest of his wife. The sheriff and his wife, the district attorney and others join at the farmhouse to look for clues or evidence. While the men concentrate on the actual scene of the crime, the sheriff’s wife and a female neighbour make their own very “trifling” discoveries… Written during the early twentieth century Feminist movement, the play explores the dangers of restrictive gender roles and the fundamental injustices of a patriarchal society.

George Henderson, County Attorney, AGE: 25-40

Henry Peters, Sheriff, AGE: 30-45

Lewis Hales, A neighbouring farmer, AGE: 30-45

Mrs. Peters, AGE: 30-45

Mrs. Hale, AGE: 30-45