FIN. Characters – Charley’s Aunt

Roles being cast (ages are playing ages, not necessarily the age of the actor):

Jack Chesney
Good looking college student about 22 years old. He laughs his way through life but he is truly a good boy. He is a good student, self-confident, quick, alert, and must have drive as he sets the pace of the play. He is in love with Kitty Verdun.

Charles Wykeham
College student of about 20 years old and friend of Jack’s. Charming, and though shy, is not awkward. Rowing type and has the trophies to prove it. He is in love with Amy Spettigue.

Kitty Verdun
20ish year old female, being courted by Jack Chesney. She is an heiress and ward of Amy Spettigue’s uncle. She has strong opinions and can be cynical at times but always remains a lady.

Amy Spettigue
20ish year old female. Niece of Stephen Spettigue. Being courted by Charley Wykeham. Not as worldly or outspoken as Kitty, she is easily amazed and dazzled by special occasions and new surroundings.

Lord Fancourt Babberley
20-23 years old. College student and friend of Jack and Charles. A jolly, cheerful fellow. Would rather play cards and sip champagne than go to class but is not a cad or a habitual drinker. He is a jokester and teaser, but inside is a sweet, lovable man. Babbs (as he is called), impersonates Charley’s Aunt during most of the show. The important thing to remember is that “Babbs,” has never acted before or worn women’s clothes. A female impersonation is not called for.

Col. Sir Francis Chesney, Bart.
Jack’s father. 51 years old, in good body and health, smart in appearance and cheery in manner. He was formerly in the military but has taken over the family business. He is proud of his son and treats him thus. Un-married.

Stephen Spettigue
50-60 years old. Uncle to Amy Spettigue and guardian of Kitty Verdun. Solicitor at the University. Over protective of Kitty and Amy, in particular regarding Kitty’s inheritance. Appears gruff and aggressive at first but must be able to turn into a lover that woos Charley’s Aunt.

40-50 years old. A college manservant to Jack Chesney. Always polite but aware of the boys’ on-going shenanigans and hijinks.

Donna Lucia D’ Alvadorez (Charley’s real aunt)
“Well preserved woman of middle age.” She saved Charley from being an orphan when he was a baby. She married a wealthy Brazilian man and has become his widow, leaving her a fortune. She has a keen sense of humor and is capable of taking command of any situation. She has a sense of humor and doesn’t shy away from having fun with it.

Ela Delahay
A young pretty girl of 17-20 years. She is Donna Lucia’s niece. She also has a sense of humor and high spirits.